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Blieve is a large, contemporary, multi-cultural and multi-generational community of Jesus-followers. We live to love God with all that we are and love each other the way He loved us. We are thoughtful in our approach to life and faith, vibrant in our spirituality and deeply committed to making a difference in our world for good and for God. Regardless of where you are on your journey of faith, you can belong here!

Blieve is the first all inclusive Place of warship Booking Directory in South Africa. Our aim is to connect believers with places of worship that have the passion to to spread the word of God and making them feel that deep connection with God and reinvigorate their Faith. Places of Worship are selected by their understanding that all people wish that their big day is filled with joyful tears and love,

3 million +

Worshipers wanting the word

1 million +

Places of worship

9 Provinces

Connected in one roof

5 million +

Bookings and still counting

A place where people care

User experience

Whether for their communities, their work or where they live, Blieve Places of Worship take special care in all that they do..

Close-Knit Community

Being in good company makes everything better! That’s why we relish opportunities to come together, even just virtually these days.

Local Places of Worship

When you know the Leadership by name, you can count on them to care about what they do and who they serve.

Get inspired

Beautiful spaces help enrich our everyday experiences, that’s why we make a special effort in creating a welcoming environment

Working Process

How we work

At Blieve, we showcase a vast range of Worship Places that are dedicated in spreading the word of God


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Our company is passionate with a team of amazing people working to deliver the best experience

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We are always here to help you when you have a problem, if you have a problem don't hesitate to contact us:

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With every package you get a fully independent dashboard for you to completely manage every aspect of your place of worship on Blieve

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Our website & all its functions are fully responsive to all devices providing a beautiful experience for both you & your congregants.

Our Mission


We exist to call people to follow Places of Worship and empower them to take the whole gospel to the whole world


Large gatherings for celebration, small groups for connecting


We gather to grow one another and spread the gospel of God


We are fellowship centered, spirit empowered, love inspired and justice orientated.

Our Values


“We live to know God and make Him known.” 

The purpose of God for our lives is most clearly revealed in the Great Commandment (to love God with all that we have and all that we are and others as ourselves) and the Great Commission (to go into all the world and announce the good news that Jesus is alive and Jesus is Lord). 


“We serve God by loving others.” 

People hold a special place in the heart of God and serve a unique purpose in the world. Each one is made in God’s image and likeness and deserves love and respect. We want to see all people, particularly the marginalised and vulnerable, connected, equipped and inspired to fulfil their potential and serve their God-given purpose on earth. 


“We love God with enthusiasm and joy.” 

This motivates us to bring the best that we can to everything we do. Our level of effectiveness in serving God and loving others is raised by the level of enthusiasm with which we do it. Wholehearted obedience to God is therefore the best way to express our love for God. 


“We depend on the Spirit of God.” 

The supernatural power of the Holy Spirit enables us to be what God has called us to be and do what God has called us to do. This manifests as both ‘gifts’ (abilities) and ‘fruit’ (Christ-like character) that serve as evidence of God’s transforming work in and through our lives. 


“We represent Jesus best in this world by living exemplary lives.” 

Lives of love, service and character that reflect the values and ethics of the Kingdom of God are necessary for being an effective Kingdom representative and gospel communicator. Our presence in the world should improve and preserve the communities to which we belong. 


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